Vintner's Best Pear Fruit Wine Base

Grow Masters Gurnee


Vintners Best Pear wine base.
Make your own pear wine at any time!
No need to wait for the harvest to come in.
Simply pick up a gallon of this pear fruit wine concentrate, add some water and yeast, and before you know it you will have five gallons of pear wine!
This pear wine base is a blend of juice concentrates, corn syrup, malic acid and natural flavor that comes in a 128 oz (1 gallon) resealable jug, and can be used to make a single strength 5 gallon batch of pear wine.
If you would like, you can also make a few smaller (1 gallon) batches of wine with this concentrate.
Get started making fruit wines with fruit wine base from Vintner's Best!

Makes 5 gallons of pear wine.
Includes all ingredients except yeast. 128 oz jug of fruit juice and sugar.
No straining bag required.

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