Vineyard Fresh Wine Preserver

Grow Masters Gurnee


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Want to enjoy better wine?
Enjoy wine that tastes great every glass?
VineyardFresh keeps your wine fresh.
A single can will help save open bottles of wine up to 50 times.
Don't hesitate to open a new bottle - or buy a better bottle - because the last glass will taste as good as the first glass!

Keep all your wine fresh with this bottle of wine preserver from VineyardFresh.
It creates a harmless Argon barrier that separates the oxygen from the wine, keeping wine fresh for weeks and preventing oxidation.
This retail sized bottle is guaranteed to preserve at least 50 wine bottles and is also environmentally natural, 100% food grade, colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-metallic.
To preserve your wine, all you have to do is point the button down inside of your open wine bottle and press firmly, making sure to press it twice.
For best results, use after every pour.
The VineyardFresh wine preserver works on all wines, ports, sherries, dessert wines and sake, and the internal lining of the bottle is also F.D.A approved.

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