Victoria Grain Mill

Grow Masters Gurnee


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The Victoria is manufactured from a special composition of cast iron.
It is carefully machined and polished to guaranty a very fine grind.
You’ll love the flavor that fresh cracked grains bring to your beer.
The Victoria Grain Mill is a perfect choice for the malt extract brewer who likes to mill their steeping grains the day of the brew.
The advantages of cracking your own grain on the day of the brew are many.
Freshly cracked grain results in fresher flavors in your beer.
Cracking your grain also allows you to buy in larger quantities, keep grain on hand, and design your own recipes on the fly.

Note: While this mill could be used by all-grain brewers who mill 10 to 15 pounds of grain per batch, it is not ideal for that purpose.
In those cases, we suggest a larger mill.

The mill runs off of two plates grinding together to crush the grain.
It is fully adjustable to allow for coarse or fine grinds.
Clamps easily to most tables.
Hopper holds about 1 pound.
Easily rotating wood handle.
While the mill handle is removable, hooking up a drill or motor is not recommended nor needed.

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