Blichmann Vacuum Pump Press Kit

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The WineEasy Vacuum Pump Press Kit along with the WineEasy Piston Kit will press your wine inside the fermenter.
After alcoholic fermentation, the free run is drained or pumped out of the fermenter.
The sliding piston assembly is then installed.
The vacuum pump evacuates the carboy (or other vacuum capable vessel) and applies a vacuum under the false bottom of the WineEasy fermenter.
This causes atmospheric pressure to push down on the sliding piston pressing the pomace to the ideal maximum pressure of 14 PSI to avoid hard press conditions.
Since all this is done without transferring the pomace to a press and is done so in a completely closed and airtight system oxidation and contamination are virtually eliminated.
Cleanup is as easy as scooping out the dry pomace into a container and washing out the high polish stainless steel fermenter.
For use with the WineEasy Fermentor and Piston. Get the perfect press every time with this easy-to-use kit! Allows you to press wine off the pomace, degas and rack!

The Vacuum Press Kit for Blichmann's WineEasy is the driving force behind the WineEasy system that allows vintners to easily press the remaining wine from the pomace with just the right pressure (14 psi).
At this pressure, the maximum amount of wine is extracted without disturbing or crushing seeds and stems, leaving harsh tannins out of the wine!
Only ONE vacuum press kit is needed, no matter how many WineEasy fermentors you have!

In addition, this vacuum press kit can be used for degassing your wine.
Placing a vacuum on wine in the carboys will draw carbon dioxide out of solution, leaving still, professional grade wine for you and yours to enjoy!
The included stainless steel racking cane can also be used with the system.
Harnessing the power of Blichmann's vacuum pump, wine can be drawn from one vessel to another with the simple flick of a switch!
No more lifting of heavy carboys, just let the vacuum pump do all the work for you. Required for the WineEasy, the Vacuum Press Kit will simplify every aspect of your winemaking process!
The kit comes with the following components:

Vacuum pump
1/4" NPT X 1/4" tube connector (white plastic)
1/4" NPT X 1/4" NPT brass hex coupling
Hose clamps x 2
1/2" barb X 1" tri-clamp fitting
6 ft piece of 1/2" ID vinyl hose
5 ft piece of 1/4" OD hard plastic vacuum tube
1/2" stainless steel racking cane
1/4" X 6" stainless steel vacuum tube
#7 two-hole silicone stopper
#7 solid silicone stopper
#00 solid tan rubber stopper (used to plug the racking tube hole for degassing)
Check valve assembly and with spare check ball and check ball seat
Cone spring for racking cane

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