Still Spirits Turbo 500 Stainless Condenser

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The Still Spirits Turbo 500 T-500 reflux condenser is a little bit special, it works on the principles of ceiling temperatures, where through its intelligent design it prevents chemical substances above a certain boiling point being processed.
Unlike other reflux condensers on the market, the Turbo 500 T-500 works with a focus on the water flow and controlling the temperature of the water flow out.
Assuming that the temperature of the water flow is stable, it is able to create a ceiling threshold temperature based on the water flow out.
So effectively, If you are looking at collecting a product of a boiling point of ~78°C, water flow out would be set just to collect everything up to this temperature, then prevent any other products with a boiling point above ~78°C up the reflux and into the condenser.
This technology breakthrough was only developed through the redesigning of the contemporary reflux, designed to make distillation easier with hassle-free operation.
It’s designed to set and forget as it operates until exhaustion, requiring a simple initial setup with water flow and turning off once distillation is complete.

High-quality alcohol made with the T500 can be used to make high quality, commercial grade, clear spirits such as Gin, White Rum and Vodka as well as any of the other spirits and liqueurs in the Still Spirits Essences range.
30" tall when the top water circulation hose is attached, 52" overall height when attached to a Turbo 500 Boiler (boiler not included).
This is the condenser to get when you intend on making clean distilled spirits to steep with flavorings or fruit or to make Vodka and Gin type spirits.

Prepacked Stainless Steel Condenser Column
PVC and PE Tubes
Digital Thermometer
Distilling Conditioner (Ingredients: water, silicone antifoam)
Ceramic Boil Enhancers
Water Flow Controller with kitchen, garden and laundry tap adaptors
Instructions Booklet

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