Triple Scale Dual Hydrometer

Grow Masters Gurnee

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Used for both wine and beer.
Allows you to keep track of your fermentation progress and determine the finished product's alcohol content by taking readings before and after fermentation and comparing them.
Also, allows you to verify when your beer is ready to bottle.

Hydrometers are one of the most necessary tools in homebrewing.
Our Triple Scale Hydrometer allows you to read your gravity, potential alcohol content, and brix.
A hydrometer is perhaps the most essential piece of measuring & testing equipment in any home brewery.
Use it at every stage of brew to keep up with the health and progress of your brew.
This convenient hydrometer features three scales, specific gravity, potential alcohol, and brix, and is handy for both brewing and winemaking.
It comes with complete, detailed instructions for proper use.

Scale Ranges:

Specific Gravity: 0.982 - 1.160
Potential Alcohol: 0-20%
Brix: -4 - 35

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