Buon Vino Super Filter Pads (#3)

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A .5 micron pad used for final filtration.
When using the Buon Vino Super Jet Filter with sterile pads a home winemaker will want to "pre-filter" the wine with polish pads otherwise you will certainly have early clogging issues.
The sterile filters clog too fast when there is any sediment present.
#3-Super Sterile Pads .05 Micron
Note: do not exceed 10 psi differential pressure on the gauge
Buon Vino filters use a 3-grade pad system.
Grape wines should typically be filtered with #1 pads before using #2 pads, although kit wines with less sediment can use the #2 pads first.

Only Buon Vino pads should be used with the Buon Vino filter units.
Using other pads may produce poor results, may damage the unit, and may void the warranty.
Each package comes with 3 pads.
Do Not Mix Filter Pad Types.
All Filter Pads inserted into the Buon Vino Filter Machine for any filtering pass MUST be of the same grade for effective filtering.
When the gauge pressure reads 18-20 psi, the filter pads should be changed.
Pads are not reusable and should be discarded after initial use.

All Buon Vino wine filters have been designed to use Genuine Buon Vino Filter Pads.
Filter Pads are not all the same.
They may be rated with specific micron sizes but they also must correspond to Flow Rate and Pressure applied to them by the pump.
Buon Vino Filter Pads are a commercial grade quality filter and are specific to the Flow Rates and Pressures applied by the pump on the Buon Vino Filter Machines, providing you with the best filtration possible.

For effective filtering, you cannot mix grades.
The wine has different sizes of suspended particulate and will vary greatly depending on the type of wine produced.
Buon Vino provides 3 grades of pads to remove specific micron-sized particulate corresponding to the need.

The 3 Stages of Complete Wine Filtration

The #1 Pads are Coarse Pads. They remove large particulate in a heavy wine, typically those heavy reds.
The #2 Pads are Polishing Pads and they remove medium to small particulate in your wine and add the shine to your wine.
The #3 Pads are Sterile Pads with very tight pads that remove very small particulate in your wine.

We strongly recommend that you filter with the #2 pad first before filtering with the # 3 pads.
The following are suggestions and recommendations to assist the home winemaker in obtaining the best result in winemaking and filtering with Buon Vino products.
Filtration is the last step in winemaking, just as you take precautions while you are fermenting and preparing your wine, filtration also requires some basis of understanding.

A young wine (30 days old) is not ready for FINE filtration. As per our instructions and winemaking directions, this is the racking and maturing stage for the wine.

1. If you are using gelatine and or bentonite in your wine and if these products have not settled sufficiently, this will cause a coating effect on your Pads. You may experience back pressure which may cause excessive leakage and/or slower output.
2. FOR BEST RESULTS: Wine should be 2- 3 months old and kept in as cool a spot as you have in your home prior to filtration. During this time the wine will mature, achieve better body and allow the suspended particles and products to drop naturally. At this stage, you may proceed to filter with the #2 pads to achieve the shine and sparkle in your wine. You then may follow up with our #3 pads. For better results allow 2-4 days between filtrations.
3. If you wish to filter a young wine (30 days old), we recommend using #1 pads first. You may filter with the #2 pads immediately after filtering with the #1, however, the wine is in an agitated state and it would be advisable to wait 2-4 days between filtrations. You may then follow with the #3 after 2-4 days.
4. A young wine that is being filtered may come through the unit agitated, due to a high content of C0, that may be present in the wine during fermentation, this is normal. Continue filtering into your clean container. Within 10 - 15 minutes your wine will stabilize and you will see the clarity achieved in filtering.
5. We do not recommend bottling your wine directly from the filter, you should filter from carboy to carboy. Your wine is being pumped through the filters and is in an agitated state and should not be bottled as such. Allow your wine to rest for a few days before you bottle. Wine should be bottled using proper bottling equipment.

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