Fermentap Stainless Steel Mash Keg Conversion

Grow Masters Gurnee

SKU: WL331

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The Fermentap Weldless Mash Keg Conversion Kit is a great way to turn that 15.5-gallon keg you have into an efficient mash tun, or as an effective whole hop filter in your boil kettle!
This kit features 100% stainless steel metal parts, and the gaskets used are made from high temp. and food-grade materials.
The ball valve is 1/2" Full Port, so your wort can flow through unrestricted if you wish.
The bulkhead used is our new Fermentap Bulkhead, which features 1/2" MPT on the outlet for direct connection of a ball valve, and 1/2" FPT on the inside for easy connection of a compression fitting!
Behind that compression fitting is a stainless pick-up tube, which allows for the collection of the wort underneath the 10-inch diameter mash screen.
This way, you get maximum yield from your mash tun!
Requires a 1" hole to install. Comes with a Full port 1/2" Ball Valve, with a 1/2" barb output.
Comes with 1/2 inch barb fitting.
Depending on your keg, height and diameter will vary.
This is designed to work with the majority of kegs, however, due to the number of different keg designs, we can not guarantee that this will sit flush or function perfectly with your keg.

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