Stainless Steel Draft Coil (50 FT)

Grow Masters Gurnee


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If you are a home brewer or distiller, you are already crafty, here are a few things that we have seen done:
Chilling coil in a Jockey box beer dispenser.
Just clamp beer tubing directly to the coil install into a cooler, fill with ice and you are ready to get the party started.
Wort chiller with 50' of tubing you have the makings of a monster chiller in your hands.
The tubing is workable but rigid enough to make a lasting counterblow or immersion chiller.
Heat exchange coil in a HERMS brewing system.
Just install into your HLT and as wort flows inside of the coil it is heated and returned to the mash, offering the most even gentle heat possible.

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