Stainless Steel Shank (4 1/8")

Grow Masters Gurnee

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Building a draft system or converting a kegerator?
A draft beer shank is one of the primary components that you will need.
These shanks are made of solid stainless steel which can be used with beer, wine, and cider.
These shanks have a 7/8" diameter shaft and standard 5/8" BSP threads.
The advantage to shanks without an attached nipple is that it allows for greater flexibility in your installation by allowing you to select a variety of tailpieces that attach with a standard beer nut and gasket.
Also, it is easier to take apart to clean or replace hoses.
The shank assembly includes the faucet connecting collar, decorative black plastic flange, and brass locknut to hold the shank securely in place.

Mount a faucet to the refrigerator door or cooler wall
Maximum wall thickness is 2 1/2" to allow threads for lock nut and (beer nut/tailpiece assembly, not included)
Stainless Steel construction
Includes panel nut, black plastic flange and faucet connector
1/4" inner bore

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