Stainless Steel Gooseneck (3/16")

Grow Masters

SKU: C310

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A replacement stainless steel elbow for use with a compression shank assembly.
This elbow has a barbed end to fit a 3/16" beer line and a smooth end to fit a compression fitting on the back of the shank of the beer tower dispenser.
Parts like this basic elbow fitting can easily increase draft beer system efficiency.

This elbow fitting attaches your beer line to the back of draft beer towers with faucet shanks that attach with compression fittings.
To attach, use a brass nut and rubber grommet between the elbow fitting and the shank.

Note: Before you order, check the parts used in your tower shank to make sure the elbow is attached with a compression fitting and not a welded-on elbow.

Made of 304 stainless steel
Prevents kinked lines
Used with a compression fitting in a tower shank
Smooth end fits compression fitting on the back of tower shank
Barbed end fits 3/16” beer line

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