Stainless Steel Elbow Tailpiece (1/4")

Grow Masters Gurnee

SKU: CF068

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Tailpieces are fittings which connect beer and gas tubing to the different parts of a draft system.
One side of the tailpiece features a barb to connect the tubing to, and the other side is held against the tap or faucet shank with collar nut.
Tailpieces are available in a range of barb sizes to fit up to your tubing size.
Stainless steel construction means these pieces won’t rust or harbor bacteria that can ruin the taste of your beer.
If your shanks are in a tight spot and you need the clearance, the 90 degree 1/4" barb is the answer for your 3/16 or 1/4" ID serving lines.
Like all other tailpieces, you need a neoprene gasket and beer nut if you don't already have one.

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