Taprite Secondary Regulator

Grow Masters Gurnee


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Secondary beer regulator, 5/16" barb inlet, 5/16" barb shut-off w/check, 60lb gauge
While you must purchase regulators specifically designed for use with either co2 or n2, all Taprite secondary beer regulators can safely be used with either gas.

Single body Taprite secondary regulator with connection for low-pressure gas hose to go to the primary regulator.
Hose not included.
This Taprite 1 Body Secondary Co2 Regulator is used to dispense two or more kegs from the same Co2 tank.
A secondary regulator will allow you to regulate the pressure of each keg individually.
These low-pressure secondary regulators require that a primary regulator is attached directly to your gas cylinder.
This 1 Body Secondary Taprite Regulator will allow you to set 1 separate pressure to give you more control over your draft beverage system.
This is a great regulator for homebrewers who are looking to carbonate beer and serve beer at the same time!
Secondary regulators are also great for serving different types of beverages - beer, soda, sparkling water, etc. as each will require a different serving pressure.
Robust design delivers performance and reliability.
Pull cap to adjust the pressure and push back to lock it in.

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