Still Spirits Scotch Whiskey Essence (50ML)

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Still Spirits Top Shelf Essences & Extracts - Single Malt Scotch
Flavours 2.25L of Vodka or Spirit.

Add one of these little 50ml bottles to 3x 750ml bottles of Vodka or Moonshine to turn it into the Spirit or Liqueur of your choice.
This Essence is Single Malt Scotch: Rich and fruity with notes of chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut.
Scotch Whiskey Essence flavoring is for a neutral spirit or moonshine alcohol.
This essence is a complex whiskey with rich oak and subtle fruity tones which is similar to what you would find on the shelf at the liquor store.
In addition, this flavoring is a favorite for many devoted bourbon and whiskey drinkers.
You can easily add this essence alcohol flavoring to your own distilled spirit or moonshine.
This flavoring can also be used to flavor a cheap vodka.
It is always best to filter moonshine and neutral spirits with a carbon filter and then add different flavorings to make your own liquors.
Finally, you can add this essence alcohol flavoring directly into a neutral spirit.

Instructions: Add this flavoring essence to 2.25 Litres of 40% ABV distilled spirit or vodka.
Shake well before use.

Contains no alcohol.

This collection of essences are available in 50ml bottles and in many flavors.
Each bottle of essence makes 2.25 liters (4.75 US Pints) or 3 x 750ml bottles (3 x 26oz).

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