Five Star SaniClean (32 OZ)

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Saniclean is a low foaming acid anionic final rinse, designed to be no-rinse if used under 200 ppm.
In use by pro brewers for years as a low-foaming alternative to products such as Star San, this final rinse creates an acid state in your equipment making it ideal for daily use.
Made by the same company that makes your favorite cleaners, Star San and PBW!

Saniclean does exactly what you want it to do: sanitize with low foam.
It is also known as a flavor and odor remover, making it the perfect choice for acid rinsing your dispensing equipment.
With a contact time of 2-3 minutes, it is not as fast as Star San but works equally well.
Particularly well suited for recirculation through pumps and transfer hoses.

Dilute at a rate of 2oz Saniclean per 5 gallons of water.

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