Safale S-04 Beer Yeast

Grow Masters Gurnee

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English ale yeast selected for its fast fermentation character and its ability to form compact sediment at the end of fermentation, helping to improve beer clarity.
Recommended for the production of a large range of ales and specially adapted to cask-conditioned ones and fermentation in cylindro-conical tanks.

Homebrewers love this commercial English Ale yeast for its big, clean flavor; its rapid fermentation; and its highly flocculant character.

Widely recommended for practically any American or English style beer, S-04 yeast is a rapid starter and finisher which settles out extremely well, leading to a clean finished beer.
Great to keep a few packets as back-ups or just to use as a less-expensive alternative to liquid cultures.

Recommended temperature range: 64F-72F.

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