Fermentap Root Beer Extract (4 OZ)

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This Root Beer has a holiday flavor featuring overtones of graham crackers and gingerbread cookies.
The suggested recipe is good for 5 gallons of root beer.
3 lbs of Wildflower Honey 2 lbs Cane Sugar 1 Packet Dry Champagne Yeast
1) You will need 2 gallons of water heated to between 140-160. Hot water from the tap works.
2) Add Honey Sugar and Soda Extract to the kettle and mix thoroughly. Allow mixture to stand for 15 minutes.
3) Add 3 gallons of cold water and mix again. Take a temperature reading. If the temperature has dropped below 100 proceed to step 4 if not additional cooling time is necessary. You will kill the yeast cells if you add them at a temperature in excess of 100 or more.
4) Add 5 grams of champagne yeast and mix again.
5) Bottle soda and then allow the bottles to stand at room temperature for one day.
6) Open one bottle every day thereafter to test for carbonation. When desired carbonation has been reached move ALL bottles into refrigeration.
The cold will stop yeast activity. Bottles left out at room temperature will most likely explode as the yeast continues to consume sugar and produce CO2

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