Portable Refractometer

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RSG-100 ATC (Automatic Temp Compensation)

This high quality optical refractometer measures the density of sugars in the solution and comes with dual scale for Brix and Wort Specific Gravity and a built-in 10-30°C auto temperature compensation (ATC).
NO NEED to convert Brix reading to Specific Gravity.
NO NEED for a temperature chart.
NO NEED to worry about temperature adjustments.
An indispensable tool for quick and frequent check on the gravity of your running or while sparging or at any point during the boil, or run off from the mash.
Also, great for people who do not like to deal with the temperature compensation.
Unlike a hydrometer, it doesn't waste your time & solution, it only requires a very small just 2-3 drops of sample and with built-in 10-30°C ATC you don't need a temperature correction charts.

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