Plastic Flange For Shank

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Standard Collar for Beer Shanks.
Swap out a damaged shank flange without breaking your budget using this high-quality black plastic replacement flange.
Luckily, it’s easy to give your draft beer system a refresh with this plastic flange, a simple and reliable replacement beer faucet part.
The flange is inserted on the beer shank and is pressed up against the wall to cover the hole created for the shank.
Over time, your beer shank flange can crack or even go missing.
Instead of going through the hassle of buying and installing a whole new shank, you can replace the flange with this high-quality replacement part.
Made of black plastic, this replacement shank flange is an economical choice that is certain to look great, no matter your bar’s decor.
The circular flange is 2.25 inches in diameter.
This plastic flange replacement is very easy to install.
Just remove the old one and put this one in its place.
It will fit all standard US beer shanks.

Replacement for broken or lost shank flange
Covers hole in wall created for shank
Made of plastic
Black color complements all styles
Fit standard US shanks
Economical replacement part
Easy to install

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