Sprecher Orange Dream Soda Extract (1 Gallon)

Grow Masters Gurnee


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Sprecher Soda extracts are brewed at Sprecher Brewery in a concentrated form.
They are perfect for if you enjoy mixing and carbonating your own soda at home, or for use as toppings on Sundaes, or for any number of other uses!
Your imagination is the limit.

Use this one gallon extract to create a super citrus drink of natural orange flavors, honey, and vanilla for a creamy, dreamy taste experience that's over the moon!
In your wildest dreams, cows roam the orange groves in search of a starry spot for sitting and sipping a succulent citrus soda.
And as with all Sprecher sodas, it's caffeine free.
For your optimum enjoyment, serve in a frosted mug.

Simply add 4 gallons of water to this one gallon extract, carbonate, and enjoy!

This product requires a kegging system, in order to force carbonate. Bottle conditioning will not work.

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