Nylon Bag (Fine/Drawstring) 10" X 13"

Grow Masters Gurnee


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This very fine mesh reusable nylon bag has a drawstring, making it great for dry hopping in the secondary.
Reusable small Nylon Mesh Bags are an indispensable part of any brew day.
These bags are used for a wide range of different applications during brewing and fermentation.
Nylon bags are often times used to add pellet hops to the boil or as a dry hop in the fermenter.
Retains the vast majority of the hop material, making for clearer beer and easier transfers.
Can also be used to add smaller amounts of other adjuncts to the boil or fermenter, such as orange peel, oak, spices, etc.
Features a handy drawstring to keep the bag closed and tie it off to your kettle handle, spoon or mash paddle.

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