Taprite Nitrogen Regulator

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High-Pressure Nitrogen Taprite Regulator for Your Beer System.
This Taprite regulator has a non-removable adjusting screw with a lock nut that is specifically designed for a safe level of pressure entering the system.
Manufactured by trusted brand Taprite, this high-pressure Nitrogen regulator can both be used in the beer and wine industries because nitrogen is widely used for dispensing both beer and wine.
This Taprite Nitrogen regulator has built-in safety features and is one of the most fail-safe regulators available in the market today.

You can use this Taprite 742HPN Double Gauge Nitrogen Regulator on any High-Pressure Tank with a CGA-580 valve.
Nitrogen tanks have a female thread (CGA-580), these regulators have a male thread.
Double Gauge Regulators Measure PSI, as well as the Volume of Nitrogen in the Cylinder.
They are good for indicating how much Nitrogen is left in the cylinder and when you should have it refilled.
The screw in the center is used to adjust the output pressure.

This double gauge nitrogen regulator has a forged brass body, is 0-50 PSI, has 60lb (output) & 3000lb (cylinder) Gauges, a 5/16" Barb Shutoff with Duck-Bill Check Valve and a Black Bonnet.
This regulator features a non-adjustable safety blow off at 55-65 PSI, a flow control inlet nipple filter and a permanent Quad-Ring inlet seal on the primary gauge.

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