MKII Temperature Controller

Grow Masters Gurnee

SKU: FE604

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This is the only controller we offer that allows for up to 12 steps.
This can be incredibly handy for raising fermentation temperatures for diacetyl rests and also for cold crashing.
You can also use it with electric mash tuns and pumps to do step mashes.
The high and low temp alarms are also handy, as is the ability to use with a distillation column.

Key features
Dual input for Control of heating and cooling devices simultaneously
Program up to 12 steps (unique to this controller) - which allows for advanced fermentation control and even mash tun control if you used for mash.
F or C
Can be used with electric distilling column
Adjustable differential
Adjustable differential between start of cooling and heating
High and low-temperature alarms

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