Mini Press (Enamel/Stainless) 12 cm X 12 cm

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Ferrari 1.3 Liter "Maxi" Wine PressMuch sturdier than the standard "Torchietto" 1.3 Liter Mini Fruit Wine Press, this press utilizes a thicker press plate and a heaver base and frame constructed of thick painted steel.
"Maxi" Heavy Duty Press Mini Press closer in durability to the larger 3.0 Liter Fruit Wine Press
Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction with Painted Steel Base and Upper Cross Member/Support
Basket Approx. Six Inches Wide and Five Inches Tall
Italian Made

***This press is intended for pressing soft/sliced/fermented fruit only as part of the winemaking process. It will not press almonds, nuts, whole lemons, or other similarly hard foodstuffs. Not intended for "juicing."

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