Brewer's Best Magnetic Mini Stir Plate

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Brewer's Best Magnetic Stir Plate

This Stir plate is perfect for making yeast starters.
The interaction of the magnetic stir plate and stir bar in the starter flask will be enough to get you an evenly mixed starter.

Stir plate comes with a stir bar and it perfect for 1000 ml or 2000 ml Erlenmeyer flask.

Size: 5'w x 2.25'H
voltage: 100-240V
frequency: 50-60HZ
power: 10W
capacity: 1000Ml
Stir bar is made of polytetrafluoroethylene plastic (odorless, anti-corrosive) and contains an internal magnet.
Mini stir plate, great for 1L or 2L yeast Starters, includes 1 inch stir bar.

Mini stir plate
Great for 1L or 2L yeast starters
Includes 1 inch

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