Stainless Steel Kettle Screen With 1/2" NPT

Grow Masters Gurnee


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This stainless steel mesh screen tube can be used in the boil kettle to filter out whole hops from your valve or chiller.
This heavy-duty multi-purpose all-stainless screen attaches to any 1/2" female thread to provide you with a heavy duty stainless steel screen for mashing and boiling.
Great as an alternative to a false bottom when mashing, or when used in a boiling pot to strain out whole hops (it will not filter fine silt-like trub).
Requires a 1/2" female coupler to attach to kettles.

Stainless mesh tube replaces false bottom in a mash tun
Excellent for straining out leaf hops in the boil kettle
Overall length is 12 inches; 1/2" male pipe threads

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