Intertap Faucet Spring

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SKU: D1212

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Turn your Intertap faucet into a self-closing faucet with the use of this faucet spring.
Forces the tap handle back to the closed position when you let go.
This spring is designed to work with the Intertap Stainless Steel shanks.
Not compatible with Flow Control faucet models or other brands of faucets

This stainless spring converts an Intertap Faucet which is attached to an Intertap Shank to self-closing.
The wide end installs in the Intertap Shank, and the narrow end fits the Intertap Faucet inner seal, keeping it closed unless pressure is applied to the Intertap Faucet handle.

Works only with Intertap Faucets when installed on Intertap Shanks.
When installing this in a Intertap Faucet/Intertap Shank pair, you may need to loosen the bonnet nut a bit on the Intertap Faucet to free it so will move back and forth easily.

Important note: This works with all Intertap Faucets except their Flow Control model.
This does not work with any Keg Faucets, only faucets mounted on Intertap brand shanks.

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