Specific Gravity Combo Kit

Grow Masters Gurnee


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This Specific Gravity Combo Kit has everything you need for testing the gravity of your brews.
Testing the gravity of your brews determines the ABV of your beer and is the ONLY way to ensure that fermentation has finished.

The kit includes a plastic hydrometer test cylinder with a removable base, a glass triple scale hydrometer, a dual scale liquid crystal stick-on thermometer, and test jar saver (so you can KEEP testing in case your cylinder takes a tumble), and full instructions on operating and accurately reading your hydrometer.

Specific Gravity, the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of water, is used to determine the ABV of your brews.
By measuring the specific gravity before you pitch your yeast, commonly termed the Original Gravity (OG), and after fermentation has ended, known as the Final Gravity (FG), you can easily calculate the amount of alcohol in your batch with a simple formula: (OG-FG) x 131 = ABV.

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