Blichmann Hellfire Burner

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There's your everyday homebrew burner, and then there's the HellFire™ Burner!
No doubt in a league of its own, the HellFire™ burner is the best burner on the market and one that will not only make your brew day quicker but will also last you for years of brewing to come.
Its dual mode capability allows you to switch between High-Efficiency mode (80,000 BTUs) and HellFire™ mode (140,000 BTUs).

Our TopTier™ burner lit the brewing world on fire in 2009 with the first burner made specifically for the needs of the homebrewer.
No wonder it became the best selling and most respected homebrew burner in the market.
Never resting, our team of beer Engineers and avid homebrewers just reinvented what a burner should be. Efficient, fast, and versatile.
That new burner is appropriately named HellFire™! This dual-mode capability burner is unlike anything else on the market and is sure to satisfy all your heating needs.
No wonder it is patent pending! This custom made burner is tuned to operate in high-efficiency mode, and also in a second high power mode.
In the high power mode, you'll be amazed with 140,000BTU/hr output for blazing fast heating - double the power of our previous burner.
And significantly more power than anything else on the market. Waiting for a boil is now a thing of the past.
In the high-efficiency mode, you'll get 80,000 BTU/hr and superb heat transfer to the wort and whisper quiet operation.
Plenty of power to keep a rolling boil on a 20 gal batch of beer. Even our efficiency mode has significantly more power than the competition!
To top off all that power we include a patent-pending heat shield to keep that massive power off your valve and thermometer and direct it to your wort.

The HellFire™ stand burner bolts right up to our TopTier™ Modular Brewing Stand.

Key Features:

Dual mode capability; high power mode and high-efficiency mode.
Simple operation - just crank up the gas and adjust the damper for more power! High efficiency is simply a nice clean burn where the flames do not lift off the nozzles.
Heat transfer to the wort is effective and amazingly quiet. If you're in a big hurry crank up the gas and open the damper to let more air in - not as efficient or quiet but is super fast!
140,000 BTU/hr at full power, 80,000 BTU/hr in efficiency mode (50% power setting).
Patent pending clip-on heat shield keeps that massive amount of heat off your valve and thermometer and directs it to your wort.
Infinitely adjustable kettle retaining bars accommodated kettles up to 19.75" in diameter.
Fume-free heavy gauge, non-rusting stainless frame.
Excellent outdoor flame stability (not suitable for indoor use).

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