SS Brewtech FTSS Chiller Coil/Jacket 1 BBL

Grow Masters Gurnee


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The FTSs uses a precision temperature controller that constantly monitors the temperature of your beer to within 1° of its set point.
When the temperature of your beer varies by over 1° the system kicks in and circulates your chill source liquid through the chiller coil until the temperature is stabilized.

Your chill source can be as simple as a cooler with ice or as sophisticated as our Ss Glycol Chiller.
Additionally, pairing an FTSs kit with the Ss Brite Tank is a great option for a serving tank.

Thick 5 mm zippered neoprene jacket
Immersion chiller coil mounted to 8" TC cap
Digital temp controller
3/8" hose barbs on the chiller coil
Included hose clamps (for chiller coil)

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