Fruit Press #25 Ratchet Style

Grow Masters Gurnee


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10" x 14"; 50 lb capacity.
This #25 ratchet-style large press has an approximately 50 lb. basket capacity. Perfect for medium-sized batches of wine or cider.
Unlike tabletop and fruit presses that use a moving screw and plate, these presses use a stationary threaded shaft with a ratcheting head to do the pressing with a greater amount of torque and capacity.
Generally, 2 cases of grapes will yield 6 gallons of wine.
Each case of grapes weighs approximately 36 pounds.

Wine Press includes:

A pressed steel base with a threaded shaft and drain pan.

Split wood basket with metal bands, hinges and pins.

Wood pressing plate and wood blocking.

Ratcheting head with metal knives or keys.

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