Faucet Friction Washer

Grow Masters Gurnee

SKU: CFP1.40

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Keep your draft faucet in perfect working order.
With this washer, you can renew a worn-out part on your well-used draft faucet.
This replacement part is the second washer of a two-part set that is used to control the motion of the lever.
The friction washer works in tandem with the lever bonnet to control the motion of the faucet lever.
If your faucet tap lever feels too loose, then it’s likely time to replace this part.
Made of black rubber, this replacement friction washer will fit all standard draft faucets.
It’s a great solution if you’re repairing or rebuilding an older faucet for your system.
Once you take apart your faucet, it’s very easy to swap out the friction washer.

Great for faucet rebuilds and repairs
Quick and simple repair
Fits standard draft faucets

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