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Ain't No Other Shit Like Fish Shit!

What Is Fish Head Farms Fish Shit?

FishHead Farms Fish Shit is an organic soil conditioner. Fish shit nutrients are from a secret mix of feed that Tilapia love. The digested feed lends itself nicely to bacteria production and growth under proper conditions. Fish Sh!t is the first of its kind ecosystem in a bottle.

Fish Shit introduces a wide variety of beneficial bacteria into the grow media. By doing this, it creates an well working relationship between plant and soil. Never before has a company introduced an all living biological success story to the market.

Why Fish Shit? The answer is simple, it puts you first. We have your health and well-being on the top of our priority list. With the current state that the market is in, our competitors are rushing products to market. This sometimes comes with a blatant disregard for the health of the consumer.

Whether the consumer is smoking, vaping or cooking with their end material, they can have peace of mind. Consumers can rest easy knowing that they are not introducing harmful agents into their bodies. This key factor drives our development team to produce the cleanest most natural product on the market... Fish Sh!t!

Let’s take a look at some specific advantages Fish Sh!t offers over other soil conditioners.

Features and Benefits of Fish Shit Organic Soil Conditioner:

  • Works with any Nutrient line
  • Most robust beneficial bacteria on the market
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Increases yeild up to 30%
  • Increases Flavors, Oils and Terpenes
  • OMRI certifies 100% organic
  • Over 4,000 species of microbes - more than any other beneficial bacteria on the market
  • Billions of Microbes in every dose
  • Beneficial Bacteria promotes nutrient uptake and availability, and acts as a biocontrol agent to fight off plant pests, parasites, and dieseases
  • Turns any medium into a thriving abd naturally occuring ecosystem
  • Crafted at our farm - not in a lab

Fish Sh!t works with any nutrient line and can help correct mistakes made by many growers.

Don’t change what you are doing. Just add Fish Shit fertilizer to your current growing process. Follow the dosing instructions and watch as your plants remain healthier and thrive!

What Makes Fish Sh!t Soil Conditioner The Best

Fish Shit contains over 4,000 species of microbes. These microbes offer more bang for your buck than any other beneficial bacteria on the market. In each dose, you’ll actually end up with billions of microbes added directly to your soil.

Many soil conditioners work specifically in one kind of potting soil. However, you can use Fish Sh!t in any media. It will work in soil, coco, peat moss, rockwool, or clay pebbles. It also works with any nutrient line. This makes it so you don’t have to worry about them not working together.

What Exactly Does Fish Sh!t Do?

This product offers a boost of beneficial bacteria to your media, which promotes nutrient availability. This means your plants can actually absorb the nutrients you’re feeding them. This is because they are now in a more usable form.

At the same time, this product acts as a biocontrol agent. This helps to fend off pests, pathogens, and diseases. Your plants will become more immune to these ailments, and more resilient to stress.

You will be turning your media from a plain bag of soil into a thriving ecosystem. This ecosystem will be full of microbial activity. You will do wonders for your crop in terms of not just quality, but potency and yield, too.

We’re not just saying that for no reason. Testing results have shown increases across the board when growers use this product. Why not see the difference for yourself though?

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