FermCap S

Grow Masters Gurnee

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An anti-foam agent that can be used during fermentation to eliminate messy blowoff. Can also be added during the boil to reduce the risk of boilovers.
As soon as fermentation is over, this insoluble compound settles out and remains behind when the beer is racked.
It will not affect the finished beers flavor, appearance or head retention.
Prevent boil overs on the hot side, add 2 drops per gallon for a nice rolling boil.
On the cold side, fermcap keeps the krausen in your fermenter to 1/2". in a 6 gallon carboy, there is no need for blow off tubing when you use this product.
Use only two drops per gallon at the start of fermentation.
If you add fermcap during the boil you do not need to add it again in your fermenter.
Comes in a one ounce eyedropper bottle. Keep refrigerated until use.
Used in the Fermenter, it increases the bitterness of your beer (retained ibus) by about 10 percent
Fermcap works very well for brewers who Use a Carboy for primary Fermentation

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