Fast Label 12 oz. (70 Count)

Grow Masters Gurnee


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Customize and display your bottles with the easiest labeling on the planet!
FastLabels are easy to use, with no adhesive there's no tedious scrubbing or soaking.
These shrink-wrap label sleeves don't just save time, they save money too--print your designed labels off on regular computer paper for pennies, then give them a professional, waterproof look in seconds with FastLabel.
Best of all, they are versatile and fit a wide range of bottle sizes, so your homebrew can look great no matter what you package it in!
Labeling has never been so easy or looked so good.

Place your bottle and a custom label inside the sleeve.
Then use hot water, a hair dryer, or a heat gun to shrink the sleeve around the bottle. Trim any excess material and enjoy.

Easy to use - No Soaking & No Scrubbing Affordable - Less than half the price of custom online labels Versatile - Fits All Bottle Sizes Perfect for Competitions, Events and Gifts! Seven Simple Steps for Any Size Bottle
1. Print & Cut Your Own Designs on Any Type of Paper
2. Slide Label Between the Sleeve & the Bottle
3. Dip in Hot Water for ½ Second. A Blow Dryer Works Too. Heat WILL NOT Affect Your Brew or Wine
4. Dab the Outside of the Sleeve to Remove Excess Water. Safe to the Touch
5. Use a Blade or Sharp Scissors to Trim Excess Label Sleeve (Optional)
6. Enjoy your Brew or Wine with Friends!
7. When Ready to Switch Labels, Cut the Sleeve off with a Blade or Sharp Scissors. No Soaking, No Scrubbing

Important Note - Hot Water will NOT Affect Your Brew or Wine Professional temperature testing on the effects of the hot water dip prove that heat does not penetrate the plastic sleeve and glass enough to alter the temperature of the liquid more than a standard ambient temperature shift.
Hot water dipping and heat tunnel applications are common with professional breweries and wineries.

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