Blichmann False Bottom (20 Gallon)

Grow Masters Gurnee


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Stainless false bottom fits 20-gallon BoilerMaker brew kettle for conversion to a mash tun for All-Grain brewing.
This high-quality false bottom is designed specifically for Blichmann kettles and is necessary to convert one to a mash tun.
The patent-pending Blichmann false bottom combines the high efficiency of a perforated false bottom with the clog resistance of a slotted false bottom.
The Blichmann 20 Gallon BoilerMaker False Bottom is made with a patent pending button louver design that is a hybrid of a perforated false bottom and a slotted manifold, combining the most beneficial qualities of both styles to truly give you the best of both worlds.
These heavy-duty false bottoms are recommended for the mash tun only - when used in the boil kettle, the solid construction can disrupt the convection currents in the kettle, interfering with the boil and causing a risk of scorching.

Blichmann recommends the Hopblocker for use in the boil kettle.

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