Lalvin EC-1118 Wine Yeast

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Lalvin EC-1118 is the original ‘prise de mousse’.
It was isolated in Champagne and its use is validated by the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC).
Its strong competitive character, its ability to ferment at low temperature, good flocculation and excellent alcohol tolerance, make Lalvin EC-1118 an excellent strain to be used in a wide range of applications (such as sparkling wines, fruit wines and ciders).

Saccharomyces bayanus.
A low foaming, vigorous and fast fermenter good for both reds and whites.
It is also ideal for ciders and sparkling wines.
A very competitive yeast that will inhibit wild yeasts.
It will restart stuck fermentations because of good alcohol and sulfite tolerance.
This is a very neutral yeast that will have very little effect on the varietal character of the grape.
A popular strain that ferments fully and flocculates well producing compact lees.
Champagne, dry reds, whites, ciders and sparkling. 45-95° F (7-35° C) alcohol tolerance 18%

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