D-240 (Extra Dark) Belgian Candi Syrup

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D-240 Candi Syrup is the richest and darkest candi syrup available on the market.
Created to have a rich smooth palate, D-240 is a triple-dark syrup with hints of dark raisin, extra dark stone fruit, and a roasted dark caramel back-palate.
An exceedingly superior syrup for dark high gravity Belgian ales that require a full body and indescribable flavor.
This product has a much more complex flavor profile than candi sugar, and should not be directly compared.

Candi syrup is a by-product of the candi sugar making process.
White beet sugar is boiled, concentrated, and then cooled.
While cooling, the rock sugar is formed and removed.
The leftover becomes candi syrup which has more flavor than the rock sugar.
This is the same syrup used in many Belgian breweries.
Contents: Beet sugar, water.
Usage: 1 lb contribute 1.032 points per gallon batch. Color = 240 srm.

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