Coupling Nut Chrome

Grow Masters Gurnee

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To fix a leaky connection between your shank and draft faucet, replace your worn out or lost coupling nut.
A leaky draft faucet can be a beer lover’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, it might be an easy fix by replacing a worn out or damaged coupling nut.

What does the coupling nut do?
It’s an important metal part that connects the shank to the faucet tap.
The small holes of the nut are compatible with a spanner wrench for precise tightening and leak-free fit.
If your coupling nut doesn’t work like it used to, appears damaged, or is even lost, then this is the exact replacement part you need.
Swapping out your old coupling nut and installing the new one is very easy.

Replacement coupling nut for draft beer system
Secures beer faucet to the shank
Fixes leaks behind beer faucet
Matches stainless steel and chrome faucets
Fits standard US shanks and faucets.
Easy to install

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