Brass Coupling Nut

Grow Masters Gurnee

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If your shank has an old, rusted coupling or is leaking, this replacement brass coupling nut could solve your problem.
The coupling nut is used to secure your draft beer faucet to the shank.
It features small holes that allow a spanner wrench to perfectly tighten it for a snug connection.
As with most parts of a draft beer system, it’s only a matter of time until the coupling nut needs to replaced.
Installing your new brass coupling nut is quick and easy.

Replacement coupling nut for draft beer system
Made of brass
Connect beer faucet to the shank
Fixes leaks behind beer faucet
Matches brass beer faucets
Fit standard US shanks and faucets
Easy to install

Features 1-1/8"-18 threads
The 1-1/8"-18 threads fit all standard U.S. beer industry shanks.

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