Brewer's Best Cognac Barrel Chips (4 OZ)

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Cognac Barrel Chips by Brewer's Best - 4 oz.

These chips will impart strong notes of vanilla and nuts to your next batch of homebrewed beer. These chips are sanitized using a nitrogen purge and are ready to use right out of the bag.

-Add 2 oz. for 5 gallons of beer during secondary fermentation
-Age beer with chips for 5 days
-Sample your beer
-If a more intense flavoring is required, age for an additional 5 days and sample again

-Keep in an airtight container
-Re-sanitize with by soaking in a similar spirit
-Soak in a ratio of 1 oz. of chips to 1 oz. of spirits

Used for flavoring wines, beers, and distilled spirits.

Brewer's Best oak chips come from freshly emptied barrels that have been decommissioned.
Packed with flavor from the spirit they once held, they are a great choice for adding complexity to your brew.
The oak chips come in sealed plastic bags, purged with nitrogen, and are still wet with ethanol to maximize flavor and ensure sterility.

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