Brewer's Best Cinnamon Sticks 1 OZ

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Cinnamomum cassia Known principally as a flavoring for savory dishes in Asia and Africa and for its use in pastries and beverages, cinnamon has also found its way into recipes for spicy holiday ales and ciders, sodas, coffees and teas.

Brewer's Best Cinnamon Sticks 1 oz Are Especially Grown And Dried For Brewing Beer.
Don't Just Go To Your Local Grocery And Get cooking Grade Cinnamon.
Our Cinnamon Sticks Are Highly Potent!
Great For Holiday Beers And Any Other Beer You Want To Give That Cinnamon Touch.

Cinnamon sticks give ciders, holiday ales and pumpkin beers a warm-tasting, spicy flavor and aroma.
Add 1 whole stick to darker beers with five minutes left of the boil.
If a stronger cinnamon flavor in your beer is desired, use additional sticks or crush the stick for an intense flavor.

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