Blichmann Fermenator Caster Wheel Set (7 Gallon)

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These casters will fit Blichmann's current line of conicals, as well as all previous F2 and F3 models.
These models are easily identified by their channel shaped bolt-on legs.
These are heavy duty industrial grade casters with non-marking locking wheels.
They have outrigger brackets for added stability; and the brackets, braces, and casters are plated steel for durability.

With these casters from Blichmann Engineering, you and your beer are going places...literally.
High-quality casters are available for any size of Blichmann Engineering's Fermenator.
Wheel locks can keep the unit stationary when movement is not required.
Unlocking the wheel locks allows for smooth, controlled and non-marking motion over a range of different surfaces.
Casters, brackets and braces are steel plates and quite durable, able to withstand the harshest of brewery conditions.
These casters are compatible for use with the optional leg extensions as well, and will increase overall height by 3.25".
Casters are recommended for anyone who utilizes multiple work areas in their brewery and must move their beer around.

Note: Each set of casters is sized for the specific Fermenator they will be used with (not one size fits all) so make your selection based on your Fermenator size.

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