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This device will help you carbonate beer, wine, homemade soda, health drinks and even water to your desired fizziness.
It's never been easier to carbonate your beer, soda, or water than with this carbonation cap!
This carbonation cap attaches to plastic bottles, 2 liters, and other standard sizes, and connects to a gas side ball-lock disconnect in order to inject CO2 into the bottle, creating carbonation.
This cap can be attached to plastic bottles, gas (grey) ball lock connectors, or liquid (black) ball lock connectors.

To get the best results from the carbonation cap, make sure your beverage is very cold so that the CO2 is absorbed much quicker.
To start the carbonation process correctly be sure to leave about 3" of space in the bottle before attaching the cap, then squeeze out all of the air, and tighten the cap down.
Once the cap is on you can attach it to your CO2 gas line with a ball-lock disconnect.
Next, turn on your regulator (do not exceed 40 PSI) and shake vigorously for one to two minutes or until you have reached the desired carbonation level.
Once pressurized, the carbonation is not lost until the bottle is opened.

Carbonation caps can carbonate a number of beverages.
Not only can it re-carbonate flat soda, but it can also turn flat water into sparkling water.
The cap also works on beer if you want to carbonate only a portion from your keg.
It's also great if you want to get creative and try carbonating your favorite juices or teas.
This carbonation cap is the best way to keep your carbonated beverages fresh when transporting them to parties, picnics, camping, and much more
You can actually watch the CO2 being absorbed by the liquid

*Stainless Steel
*Fits on most PET bottles

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