Calcium Carbonate (1LB)

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Calcium Carbonate, also known as Precipitated Chalk is used to reduce the amount of acid in a juice or must.
Wines too high in acid will typically have an unpleasant tart to sour taste.
These wines may also create a burning sensation when being swallowed.
Calcium Carbonate will help to reduce this sharp taste and unpleasant burning by lowering the amount of acid in the wine to a normal level.
It does so by neutralizing the acid and causing it to drop out of the wine in the form of tiny crystals.
The wine is then simply racked off the sediment deposits.

It does not require cold-stabilization to force complete precipitation, as does potassium carbonate.
However, calcium carbonate is more likely to affect the flavor than potassium carbonate and may take a few months to fully precipitate.
One-quarter ounce (about 4 teaspoons) reduces acidity in one gallon by about 0.25%.
Foaming may occur because of the production of CO2.
Do not use more than one ounce per gallon.
Wait 24 hours and rack wine.
Also used in beer to increase the temporary hardness of water.
Traditionally used in English stouts, pale ales and bitters.

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