Blichmann Floor Burner Leg extensions

Grow Masters Gurnee


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Give your Blichmann floor standing burner some extra vertical lift with leg extensions!
Convenient for gravity draining into fermentors, these extensions make transferring from the boil kettle a lot easier.
These 24” Leg Extensions for your Blichmann Floor Burner will conveniently raise your burner to a height that you may drain directly from your brew kettle into your fermentor.
Blichmann products are known to be highly modular, and many can be adjusted to fit the individual needs of brewers.
The floor standing burner is no exception!
Leg extensions for the floor standing burner raise the height of the burner to 24", which is the perfect height for gravity draining into most standard carboys and fermentors.
Brew kettles such as Blichmann Boilermakers that are fitted with a ball valve can be used to drain wort into fermentors at the simple twist of the valve.
No more unnecessary lifting and siphoning with leg extensions for your floor standing burner!

Note: Burner pictured is sold separately. Also, do not exceed a weight greater than 150 lbs. when using the leg extensions.

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