Brewing Made Easy

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Get brewing!
This foolproof beginner’s guide to brewing great beer at home includes everything you need to know to make your very first batch.
With step-by-step instructions, insightful advice, and simple recipes for a variety of beer styles, you’ll be proudly sipping your own homemade beer in no time.
This revised edition covers additional techniques and equipment, as well as new varieties of hops and other ingredients.
Ground yourself in the basics of homebrewing and experiment with new tastes and combinations.
It’s fun, easy, and oh-so-rewarding!

It's fun, the beer tastes great, and with the easy-to-follow instructions in Brewing Made Easy, it's as simple as picking up an equipment kit and a bag of brewing ingredients and opening to the first chapter.
Homebrewing brothers Joe and Dennis Fisher guide you through every step of making your first and second batches, and then they set you free to explore and create.
Work your way through the 25 recipes the Fishers provide or use the charts and tables in chapter 3 to design your own formulations.

About the Author
Dennis Fisher is a co-author of The Homebrewer’s Garden, Great Beer from Kits, and Brewing Made Easy. He is an organic farmer and homebrewer in Maine.

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