Brass Dual-Threaded Insert For Tap Handles

Grow Masters Gurnee

SKU: CP88425

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Brass Dual-Threaded Insert for Wooden Tap Handles
Your custom-made tap handle will be the talk of the party!
Turn almost anything made out of wood into a tap handle!
You can create your own tap handle and mount it with this threaded insert.
This brass threaded wood insert features machine threads that fit all tap handles.
Simply drill a 1/2" hole in the bottom of your wooden piece and thread the Brass Insert with a flathead screwdriver (a coin can also be used in a pinch!).
When you’re finished, mount your custom tap handle to your faucet, pour a beer and admire your handiwork!
Internal threads are 3/8", 16 thread-per-inch.
Mounts to any standard faucet.
Great for making your own tap handle gifts

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