Brass Faucet Lever

Grow Masters Gurnee

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The more you use your draft system, the quicker some beer faucet or kegerator parts wear out and need to be replaced.
Save money by fixing your faucet tap with this high-quality replacement lever.
The lever of a draft faucet is what controls the opening and closing of the valve that allows the liquid to flow from the beer shank through the spout.
If you pull on it too hard or use a heavy tap handle, the lever can wear out or even break.
Instead of replacing the entire faucet, the more economical option is swapping out the damaged part.
This replacement faucet lever is made from sturdy brass. It fits any standard draft faucet, making it ideal for both repairs and rebuilds.

Replacement draft beer faucet lever
Turns the flow of beer on and off inside faucet
Fix your existing faucet instead of buying a new one
Made of brass
Great for faucet rebuilds and repairs
Quick and simple repair
Fits standard draft faucets

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