Bottle Drainer Tree (90 Bottle)

Grow Masters Gurnee

SKU: 8006818152315

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Bottle drainer for drying wine bottles and beer bottles.
This 90 bottle drain tree's arm segments interlock together for a firm fit to make a solid assembled unit.
Its use is simple and it will help to streamline your bottle washing and sterilizing process.
When you finish a bottle of wine or homebrew, rinse it out and put it on this rack to keep bottles inverted for complete draining into the tray at the bottom of the unit.
The inverted bottles will completely drain into the drain tray/stand, drying quickly and completely.
Bottle Tree permits easy draining of cleaned and sanitized bottles.
Hold and drain up to 90 wine or beer bottles upside down for drying after cleaning on this bottle drainer.
Holds 90 bottles, works with beer or wine bottles. Made of durable plastic.

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